Our founders

Bringing together the best of both worlds.

The founders of the Swiss Coffee Alliance unite wide-ranging business development expertise with world-class research and development capabilities. Professor Chahan Yeretzian and Claudinei Monteiro both have extensive senior management experience working for leading companies in the coffee industry. Their interdisciplinary networks in Switzerland and around the world enable the Swiss Coffee Alliance to deliver high-quality solutions that precisely meet the demands of the market.

Chahan Yeretzian


Professor Chahan Yeretzian brings a wealth of scientific expertise to the Swiss Coffee Alliance. His lifelong passion for coffee began in 1996, when he joined Nestlé R&D in Lausanne, Switzerland. Here, his research covered everything from liquid coffee and coffee concentrate to soluble coffee and single-serve systems.

In 2008, he founded the Coffee Excellence Center at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences – the first ever public research institute dedicated to coffee. Professor Yeretzian is a driving force behind the shift towards an innovation-driven coffee industry and is a board member of several coffee industry associations.

Claudinei Monteiro


Claudinei Monteiro is an experienced problem solver. The Brazilian-born industry expert brings over 20 years of technical management experience to the Swiss Coffee Alliance, along with valuable business connections in Brazil, Switzerland, China and beyond.

Claudinei has held executive positions at leading multinational coffee companies such as Nestlé, Nespresso and 3corações. He has comprehensive expertise in product lifecycle management – from design, engineering to manufacturing and after sales – and excels at business process optimisation using the latest best practices and technological resources. He is uniquely positioned to support all coffee industry players, from farmers and roasters to global manufacturers and retailers.