The coffee industry has undergone a major transformation in the past decade, making research and innovation vital for market success. Our scientific expertise will give your business a unique competitive advantage.

Until recently, coffee production was primarily a craft shaped by centuries of tradition. Today, success is increasingly driven by research and innovation, which require access to scientific expertise. New technologies have given rise to a growing premium segment with higher margins; coffee is no longer simply a commodity market.

Increasingly savvy consumers are showing greater interest in single origin and other specialty coffees, and expect a consistently high level of quality. To meet these demands, it’s crucial to understand and act on market trends before your competitors do.

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The genetic material and chemical precursors found in green coffee beans form the foundation for the irresistible aromas that develop during roasting. Growing the perfect crop and consistently producing the best beans for roasting is a careful balancing act. Agronomy, climate, harvest practices and post-harvest processing can all affect the beans’ genetic predisposition and composition.

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Even the best green coffee beans will be ruined if they are not processed correctly. Roasting is by far the most significant transformative step in the production of coffee, so it’s vital to get it right – every time. Roasting unlocks the unique flavours and aromas hidden inside the green beans. Grinding, degassing and proper storage complete the transformation.

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Once the coffee reaches its final destination – the consumer – it’s time to start brewing. How we choose to extract, prepare and consume our coffee greatly influences the aromas and flavours we smell and taste. Brewing coffee may only take a few minutes or even seconds, but this final step is crucial for ensuring the best possible consumer experience.

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The brewing process releases volatile compounds that are detected by the olfactory epithelium inside the nose. Our perception can be influenced by factors as minor as the colour of the cup and the environment in which we are drinking our coffee. So far, researchers have identified over 1,000 volatile organic compounds in coffee beans and we can help you achieve just the right mix.


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